*Empowering you to Brainstorm, Tune-up and Polish your Ivy League College/University Applications!*

REASON 2:  The cost of an Ivy League education is over $200,000 (tuition, fees, and living expenses).  Plus, we all know the value, and prestige of an Ivy League degree.  Ivy League Boot Camp's fee of $12,000 is a drop in the bucket – a drop that will save you time and energy while dramatically increasing your chances of getting into an Ivy League college.

REASON 8:  This is an obvious one!  You want to increase your chances of getting into one of the 8 top universities in the world - the ELITE 8.  See Dr. Lowe's Admissions Blog:  Why Your Child Should Apply to an Ivy League College or University?  

REASON 7:  You want to avoid making mistakes on your application or even supporting documents!  Because mistakes can cost you!  We GUARANTEE that we will find multiple mistakes on your application and in your student profile that would cause you to be rejected!​​

REASON 1:  After 12 years of hard work, including all those AP classes, volunteering, SAT prep courses and the dream of attending an Ivy League college, do really want gamble with uncertainty?

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Why Ivy League Application Boot Camp 2020?

REASON 5:  Do you want advice from one of the leading admissions experts to increase your chances?  Okay, Ivy League leading admissions expert who know what it means to stand out!

REASON 3:  During the summer do you know where your guidance counselor or college advisor will be?

​​REASON 4:  Guidance counselors are overwhelmed!  But you already know that! The National Association for College Admission Counseling reported in the Journal of College Admissions that "High school counselors with bigger and bigger caseloads have much more to do for college applicants, but little time".  What we definitely know is that public high school guidance counselors even in affluent communities and college counselors at private schools don't have the time to micromanage your college application. 

REASON 6:  Most applicants to Ivy League schools sound the same!  We help you "un-same" your application and student profile!

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