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​Frequently Asked questions

*Empowering you to Brainstorm, Tune-up and Polish your Ivy League College/University Applications!*

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1. Why should I choose Ivy League Application Boot Camp over other summer application boot camps?

Ivy League Application Boot Camps costs only $7,500.  That means you receive a greater return on investment in your child's educational future.  We understand how admissions review your Common Application and how you can stand out.  See: 
8 Reasons Why You Need Ivy League Application Boot.

Our fee is a drop in the bucket compared to what 12 years of education costs!

At Ivy League Application Boot Camp, our education and admissions consultants have the experience, expertise and knowledge of Common Application and their Ivy League college/university supplementals.  Additionally, former Ivy League college admissions officers, who have read hundreds of applications, will be present at the camp to provide personalized advice for each attendee! 

We also visit Ivy League colleges annually!  Our lead consultant is Dr. Paul R. Lowe, president and founder of Pinnacle Educational Center and Admissions Advisors Group.  In addition to having an unmatched track record of helping students matriculate to their top-choice schools, all of Dr. Lowe's children matriculated to Ivy League schools.

At Ivy League Application Boot Camp, we understand and proactively analyze the current and upcoming changes in the college admissions process. We pass this knowledge on to our attendees. Students will receive that KNOWLEDGE and gain a COMPETITIVE APPLICATION EDGE in the college admissions process.

You have worked too hard for 4 years (Especially taking all those AP classes,).  Why make irrevocable mistakes on your application which may cause you to be easily REJECTED?  See Dr. Lowe's blog:  "It's Getting Tougher to Get Into the Ivies."

2. Why does Ivy League Application Boot Camp cost $7,500 as compared to other application boot camps that cost more?

ILABC is broadcasted virtually from Pinnacle Educational Center's facilities in Woodbridge, CT and Fort Lee, NJ.  We do not have the overhead costs of renting a facility or a meeting space so we can charge $7,500.  We pass that savings on to our attendees. Why should you pay more? Simply because it costs more?

3. Who should attend Ivy League Application Boot Camp?

We recommend Ivy League Application Boot Camp for:

  • Current high school juniors who will be rising seniors this summer. 
  • International students applying to the Ivies.
  • College students seeking to transfer - upgrade. Transferring to Ivy League schools
  • Non-traditional applicants (home-school or community college students).
  • Re-applicants: applicants who were previously rejected and intend to reapply.
  • Students interested in working in small groups and one-on-one consultations with personalized assistance.
  • Students who want to increase their chances that their applications will be stamped ACCEPTED!

4. My child has high grades, high SAT scores, volunteered abroad, excellent recommendations and is preparing to write a great essay. I believe that he/she is phenomenal. So why should he or she need to attend Ivy League Application Boot Camp?

The above qualifications are now par for the course when applying to competitive, selective and Ivy League schools. At Ivy League Application Boot Camp, we say to parents that "your child is unique like every other competitive and smart student applying to highly selective schools". For every one great student, there are locally 50 or more students that have a similar profile. We help students stand out in their applications!  most importantly, we visit schools, talk with directors of admissions and know what they are looking for and what they are not!

It takes an admissions committee 8 minutes or less to decide an applicant’s fate – DENY or ACCEPT.  See Dr. Lowe's blog:
Top Colleges Speed read Applications!  Why gamble with uncertainty?

5. Why do you need ILABC when he/she already has a public high school guidance counselor or a private high school college counselor?

When applying to highly-selective, competitive, or Ivy League schools, you NEED college admissions experts in addition to a public high school counselor or private high school college counselor!

You NEED college admissions counseling experts who:

  • Have cutting-edge knowledge of the college admissions process.
  • Have a wealth of contacts, connections, expertise and experience.
  • Visit and evaluate colleges and universities annually and know their admissions policies.
  • Have long-standing relationships and connections with directors of admissions.
  • Have a superior college placement track record.
  • Have attended top-tier and highly selective colleges and universities.
  • Have personally experienced, as parents, the College Admissions Maze.
  • Received certification in college counseling.
  • Provide one-on-one sessions, after school, evenings and on weekends.

Even at elite, private/independent high schools or suburban high schools, we find that we supplement, complement and add value to high school counselors' efforts! 

6. What is a sample day at Ivy League Application Boot Camp? A sample day:

10:00am -10:30am | Homework Review
10:30am - 11:00am | Student Resume Development - "Stand out from the Crowd!"
11:00am - 12:00pm | Tips & Recommendations/Brainstorming (group and individual session)
Noon - 1:00pm | Break
1:00pm - 2:00pm | Common Application Part I (group and individual session)
2:00pm - 3:00pm | Common Application Part II (group and individual session)
3:00pm - 4:00pm | Wrap up and Homework Assignment
4:00pm - 4:30pm | Bonus Period - For students who may have additional questions.

The above schedule and topics may change.

7. Is there follow-up after Ivy League Application Boot Camp ends?


After your ILABC session ends, we provide a "Follow-up application consultation" for each attendee which includes:

  • College application review including your early action/decision application.
  • Pre-submission application reviews, including supplementals.
  • Admissions strategies consultation tune-up.
  • One mock interview session - includes interview preparation.

8. Where is Ivy League Application Boot Camp located?

Each Ivy League Application Boot Camp 2-day session broadcasted virtually from Pinnacle Educational Centers in Woodbridge, CT 
All convenient locations and held at different times throughout the summer.  (See:
Camp schedule)

9. How many students are enrolled per camp session?

For personalized attention, we enroll up to 10 students per camp session.  In that way, all individual questions are answered and we can provide personalized advice and college application strategies to each student!

10. When should I register?

Now! Space is limited!